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  • Total 24 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from illustrator Seoji throughout 24 online classes.
  • Basic Level Requires a basic understanding of Photoshop.

Games, webtoons, concept art, etc.
Stylized Character Appears in various genres!
Professional illustrator Seoji will showcase the drawing routine of how the final Stylized Character is completed in the order of Theory-Sketch-Coloring-Correction.

Learn to apply the Deformation technique, a must for Stylized Characters, And gain skills such as learning to omit certain parts from the character, As well as the skill of exaggerating certain parts.

We will also learn to naturally express the human body using shapes, Use a myriad of animation-like colors, And to finish character creation work through photoshop!

With practical experience from not only Netmarble as well as various game practical experiences
Seoji has many years of teaching experience and 60,000 followers on Twitter.
We will be waiting for you at Coloso.

Class Highlights

Insights of Character Drawing From the Expert

An opportunity to indefinitely watch the special know-how of illustrator Seoji, who has extensive experience in teaching numerous students! You can build the solid basics of character drawing necessary for various fields such as webtoons, games, and illustrations.

Anime Character Drawing with a Stylization Intensive Curriculum

Through various examples, you can firmly strengthen the basic concepts of object and character deformation (stylization), and apply that training to actual drawing.

How to Color the Anime Characters Clear and Cleanly

Based on an understanding of Photoshop functions that are not usually used, you can learn illustrator Seoji’s unique skills of coloring and correction to bring three-dimensionality and vitality to plain characters.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Deformation, the Essential Elements of Stylized Characters Through various examples, understand the changes in the drawing style according to the deformation and draw props that are often used for characters by catching the sense of the deformation using the basic figures.
  • Building the Foundation of Characters by Drawing the Human Body Create natural poses using shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, and set the ratio of an attractive human body’s face, hands, and feet, and express the character’s beautiful body line using curves.
  • Character Arrangements That Enhance the Sense of Space on the Screen Using the screen composition method that catches your eyes at once, create a sketch focusing on the large silhouettes and movement, and use various objects such as backgrounds and props to emphasize the sense of space on the screen.
  • Line Drawing Technique Based on Deformation Based on your understanding of the thickness, speed, and type of brush, you will learn how to fill in the drawing density, as well as how to draw lines by hair and clothing wrinkles that increase the completeness of the drawing.
  • Emphasis on Coloring that Brings the Character to Life Learn the theories on color, brightness, and saturation to find the right color for the character’s mood, then color the main part and object in that order, and set the shadow to reflect the deformation principle.
  • Correction and Finishing Methods to emphasize the highlights of the work Objectively analyze your paintings through the distribution of brightness on a gray scale, learn various correction methods using Photoshop, and complete one character illustration.

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