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Marvel artist, René Córdova, teaches you everything you need to know for drawing comic figures the fun way and land that dream job!


What you’ll learn

  • Draw front, back and profile views of male and female figures
  • Best ways to sketch poses
  • Use anatomy guides to drawing figures in perspective
  • Differences in male and female bodies and heads
  • Create stylized characters based on references
  • Take your own photo references of the exact poses you want
  • Transform sketch work into digital line art


Do you want to be a professional comic or concept artist? Then you’ll need to be able to draw the human figure accurately and stylize it too! In this awesome course, you’ll learn how to do that from the best: Marvel artist, René Córdova! Under his instruction, you’ll see a huge improvement in your figure drawing skills.

Are you ready? Today you’ll get a fascinating peek into the mind of an industry comic artist, discovering how the pros go about creating characters that are both realistic-looking and stylized for comics, like you see in Marvel and DC comics.

René shares personal tips and simple advice on drawing the male and female figure from the front, back and side, including ways to work with references to improve your skills. He’ll also teach you a simple method for drawing hands and feet that will forever change how you visualize them when sketching (a huge help!).

You’ll discover the difference between the anatomy of male and female figures and head shapes, and how to enhance their forms in a cartoon style. With these new techniques and exercises, you’ll have the ability to take the cool poses from your imagination and put them on paper.

You’ll have loads of fun learning various poses in different perspectives and building up a figure from a rough sketch to the final version with clean line art. After this course, you’ll be well on your way to producing your very own awesome comic characters!

But don’t take our word for it…

Scroll down and watch some of the free samples now, and if you like it, get started today!

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