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  • Total 11 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Leonardo Vincent throughout 11 online videos.
  • Basic Level Perfect for those with a basic level of proficiency in Procreate who want to start learning splash illustrations.

Push the limits of individual expression, creativity, and originality with splash illustrations that create a world for your character.

This class will help dissect the process behind creating an illustration that effectively presents your story.

Get an easy-to-follow guide to capturing a character and their world within a single image.
You’ll learn everything from elevating your story through composition to value & color, rendering, line work, and more.

Class Highlights

Guide Your Character’s Story

How do you implement a story into your character design process? A character can’t be fully realized until they’ve been assigned their unique personality and background. The story behind a character serves as the guideline for each major step of the process. This includes adding details to your completed piece. I will cover different ways you can build an original character when creating a splash illustration.

Elevate Your Story through Composition

Composition in art serves many functions, from organizing and curating every moving section of a piece to spotlighting parts of the story! As we build upon characters within a story, we also build up their origins. Composition is a powerful tool for your arsenal if you want to properly convey and enhance a story as you plan out your splash illustration. We will go through the fundamental rules of composition, how to use them, and how to iterate your compositions to find the best one!

Relationship of Value & Color

Value and color are two of the most fundamental elements in art but what really separates them from other elements is how much they heavily relate to one another. In this course, I’ll be going in-depth about the complexity of this relationship and talk you through how they work together when setting up the atmosphere, adding subtle hues of depth, and emphasizing specific parts of a composition. We will walk through useful digital tools and the methods I have used within my own work, explore correlations, and show you how to apply them to your art.

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