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Learn how AAA game studios use Houdini and Unreal Engine to create real-time vfx for games.

What You’ll Learn
This course will take you through the entire effects pipeline, from Houdini into UE4. Students will be constructing a scene where a pre-modeled space station is about to collide with an asteroid. The space station will fire a torpedo, hitting the asteroid, and shattering it.

Students will learn the power of proceduralism and reusability. They will create a procedural rocket mesh and asteroid mesh that can be used in many different applications.

Students will also learn about the performance constraints they might run into in a real production pipeline.

By the end of the course you’ll:

  • Have developed your own high quality VFX scene of a missile hitting an asteroid in space
  • Have an understanding of proceduralism and reusability in the VFX pipeline
  • Understand performance constraints
  • Have the confidence and ability tackle future VFX projects

Module 1: Intro, Scene Setup & Space Station
Module 2: Asteroid Creation
Module 3: Asteroid Shatter
Module 4: Pyro
Module 5: Asteroid Destruction
Module 6: Additional Scene VFX
Module 7: Missile Setup
Module 8: UE4 Sequencing
Module 9: UE4 Sequencing (cont.)

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