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  • Total 19 videos Get 19 classes worth of exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Hyoungtaek Nam.
  • Intermediate Level Requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Illustration. Create characters with a clear concept and story told through realistic character design.

“Once you pick up realistic drawing, you can easily apply it to creating lifelike characters and stylish drawings.”

Everything you need to know about “Realistic Drawing” and the preferences of the Triple-A video game industry!

Create original, lifelike characters with drawing and storytelling insights from “The Last of Us” and “Uncharted” Main Concept Artist, Hyoungtaek Nam.

Class Highlights

Realistic Drawing Skills for Creating Lifelike Characters

Learn to express realism in your concept art through bust sketches and color training,
and get a closer look at the principle design methods of creating clothing & props for characters.

Creating Three-Dimensional Characters Through Storytelling

Based on storytelling insights, learn to create three-dimensional characters with a clear concept and story utilizing details such as facial expressions, gestures, and backgrounds.

Realistic Drawing Skills for Creating Lifelike Characters

Hyoungtaek Nam provides PSD files for effective learning and essential portfolio creation insights for prospective concept artists based on his over 10 years of experience at Naughty Dog

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Realism-Based Drawings Learn to create moodboards, tips on setting up tools, idea note usage, and the essentials to creating realistic characters.
  • Sketch Training to Express Specific Character Concepts Draw bust sketches for characters using various boxes, diagonal lines, marks, etc., which are the basics of realism drawing, and learn shading and lighting skills
  • Creating Rich Expressions Through Coloring Add life to characters with direct & glazing coloring techniques.
  • Understanding the Principles of Costume Structure & Design Understand the structure of realistic clothing and express details on materials by adding texture and wrinkles.
  • Understanding Key Art and the Creation Process Grasp the importance of realistic composition and theory application. Then use guidelines to arrange a character and background.
  • Portfolio Tips Learn the day-to-day work process and training techniques of Concept Artists, the company hiring process, composing portfolio pieces, and interview tips.

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