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  • Total 24 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Joonhyung Ahn throughout 24 online classes.
  • Beginner Level Requires a basic understanding of Photoshop CC

“Is perspective really that important?”

To portray the atmospheric distance between objects and demonstrate the exact form of the subject, you must have the necessary knowledge, skills, and know how to build up your basic skills effectively.

Learn the theories of perspective and apply them to actual drawings of natural and artificial objects such as the human body, animals, plants, architecture, cars, airplanes, spaceships, medieval buildings, background, etc.

Class Highlights

Learn From an Expert Concept Artist Recognized by Global Companies

Concept artist Joonhyung Ahn, a specialist with many years of practical work experience, teaches you how to draw with an understanding of a subject’s composition and to apply the basics of perspective to the drawing.

Various Drawing Practice Curriculum: Natural Objects and Artificial Objects

Exercise-based drawing of over 10 different types of objects with perspective could help you build up simple drawing skills like the order of picture or point of emphasis and a sense of form that could help you draw like the actual object.

Step-By-Step Basic Knowledge for Background Concept Art

The background is the key to enhancing all illustrations. We will learn the basic skills and theories needed in drawing concept art by applying basic line drawing and perspective to the drawing of the Castle of Sky.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • Basic Line Exercises with Various Brushes Learn the basic setup of tools such as Photoshop and Wacom and the use of the brush. And we will learn about straight lines, curves, fast lines, and slow lines which are the basics of drawing.
  • Drawing Basic Shapes with an Understanding of Composition and Symmetry Develop an understanding of flat shapes’ composition and symmetry through circles, polygons, fonts, and patterns. Then have a chance to make the very first step of drawing, the shapes.
  • Application of Composition on Actual Drawing Understand the importance of observing the subject, identify the composition by size and detail, and draw out the human body, animals, plants, and other natural objects.
  • Understand the Essential Element of Drawing: Perspective Learn one-point, two-point, and three-point perspectives and how each of them is applied in drawing objects and backgrounds.
  • The Key to Good Background Concept Art: Artificial Objects Draw different artificial objects such as cars, airplanes, spaceships, buildings, etc. with the application of basic perspective ideas and theories
  • Background Concept Art Featuring a Castle in the Sky Set the mood of the concept art through the application of perspective on the background and a research on references. Then draw a Castle of Sky through composition and staging.

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