Get the course PAINTING PORTRAITS IN GOUACHE – 21 Draw free download links through and Google Drive.

Learn step by step how to create your very own amazing gouache portrait.

  • echniques for mixing colors and blending
  • Understand the planes of the face and divide a face into several values
  • Learn how to prepare your paper and set up your workspace
  • Get started by painting a base & value layer
  • Understand how to build up layers and control opacity
  • How to add details to the portrait and clean up edges


Do you want to learn how to paint amazing portraits that will impress your viewers? Are you fascinated by this but don’t know where to start? Do you feel intimidated, assuming it’s an advanced skill that only professional artists can master?

Well, good news! It’s MUCH easier than you might think! Get ready to learn the basics of painting portraits and techniques for using gouache!

Gouache is a fun, vibrant medium that dries into a beautiful, flat matte finish. In this course, you’ll discover the nature of gouache and learn how to use it skillfully like a pro.

Your instructor, Jordan Rhodes, demystifies the process of portrait painting, by explaining in detail each step, giving you clear demonstrations and teaching you easy techniques that you can use right away. With Jordan’s guidance and helpful tips, you’ll realize that creating a portrait is nowhere near as daunting as you thought!

By the end of this course, you’ll have a whole new skillset under your belt, and a new-found confidence in your artistic abilities. Your friends and loved ones will be amazed and thrilled when they see the gorgeous portraits that you create!

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