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  • Total 56 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Senior Software Engineer Seunghwan Lee throughout 56 online classes.
  • Intermediate Level Requires a basic understanding of Eclipse and Java Stream.

Hello, I’m Seunghwan Lee.
I’m a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn, a professional social media service acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for a substantial amount of 30 trillion USD.

As it is famous for blitzscaling, we were able to grow rapidly through the New Product Development strategy that rapidly changed and upgraded products in a rapidly changing market.

“And behind this growth, functional programming, which utilizes Java efficiently and flexibly, plays a large role. Here, I would like to convey the development methodologies using Java Stream, which is used on LinkedIn, to developers who want to develop their products in an agile manner.”

Since this lecture is not for beginners in Java, I’ll be showing how to use the essential functions of user management, and transaction management that backend developers face in complex projects, and code exercises using both Java Stream and a functional programming approach.

I’ve included all my tips on the core technology and methodology for scalability and reusability to quickly evolve the software we develop and change it into the form customers want. I hope you will master it and increase your future value as a developer.

Class Highlights

From the Basics to Hands-on
Functional Programming

You can learn about the basics and hands-on application of functional programming, which replaces loops with a single line of code.

From Basics of JAVA Stream
to Advanced Application

I will show you how I code so you can master the basics and applications of JAVA Stream through the given project exercises.

Silicon Valley
Securing backend exercise

By practicing backend development exercises such as actual member management and transaction management, you can gain insights into streams used in the field.

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