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Do you want to create 3D sculptures you can be proud of?
Are free Blender sculpting tutorials on YouTube only giving you a basic understanding, but they don’t teach you all the steps necessary to create stunning, high-quality sculptures?

That’s why we created this extensive Blender course, that teaches you all important sculpting workflows using only free tools.

In two easy to follow projects, you learn step by step how to bring 3D creatures to life, by sculpting from references, adding color and rendering a turntable from each creature.

So, pick up your graphics tablet (a mouse will do too, but it’s much less fun) and start your sculpting journey.

Get an overview of the course journey.
Part 1 – Sculpting Fundamentals

Chapter 1 & 2 – Getting Started & Fundamentals

In the first two chapters, you will make your very first steps into the sculpt mode of Blender. You will learn about all important tools and workflows, and go through simple exercises.

Chapter 3 – Base Meshes

Learn different workflows on how to create your base meshes, which are the foundation to start the sculpting process.

Part 2 – Cute Creature

Chapter 4 – Cute Creature Base Sculpting

In this chapter, we use a 2D concept drawing as reference, build a proper base mesh and start sculpting, by adding medium level details.

Chapter 5 – Cute Creature Retopology

Learn all important workflows about retopologizing your sculptings, by creating a mesh with a good topology, based on the shape of your sculpting. This retopology mesh can then be used to create high-resolution details in the following chapter.

Chapter 6 – Cute Creature Details

Learn how to sculpt high-resolution details, like the details on the head and the fur. You will also discover the cloth tools in Blender’s sculpt mode, which we will use to create a backpack.

Chapter 7 – Cute Creature Presentation

Learn all you need to know about making your sculpting look pretty. We will create a flexible clay shader that you can put on any sculpting. We will pose the create and color it with the Sculpt Vertex Colors and procedural shading methods. In the end, we will light it and render out still images and a turntable animation of the creature.

Part 3 – Epic Creature‍

Chapter 8 – Epic Creature Base Sculpting

Learn a creative sculpting workflow where we start with a simple sphere and then step by step build the base sculpting of the creature out of it. We will also learn how to use anatomy references to make the different body parts look more realistic.

Chapter 9 – Epic Creature Details

Learn how to add fine details to the creature using various techniques. We will use the default sculpting tools, masking techniques but also brush textures to add high resolution details like scales and skin. Additionally, you will learn how to create your own custom brush textures from 3D data and 2D photos.

Chapter 10 – Epic Creature Shading

Learn how to texture the creature from scratch. We will UV unwrap the model, bake different texture maps, texture paint the base color and add fine details to the skin in the shader editor. Additionally, we will create semi-realistic eyes for the creature.

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