Making Merch with SD Characters & Stylized Food Art – Coloso

Get the course Making Merch with SD Characters & Stylized Food Art – Coloso free download links through and Google Drive.

  • Total 13 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Mint-tan throughout 13 online videos.
  • Beginner Level Perfect for those with a beginner proficiency in Clip Studio Paint who want to learn how to create merch from their illustrations.

Find out how you can connect characters and food together to create work that’s perfect for turning into merch.

This class will teach you the ins and outs of making merch without having to go through the trials and errors commonly associated with entering the merch market.

You’ll learn how to deform characters, create yummy-looking food art to add alongside your characters, and get tips for selling & marketing your own merch.

Class Highlights

How to “SD” Everything:
From Characters to Objects

Have you ever noticed how different a rubber duck looks compared to a real-life duck? Let’s take a step back and analyze: What traits make certain things look SD, and how can we apply that to our work?

Stylized, Delicious-Looking
Food Art

Are you interested in creating food-themed art that has the power to make audiences hungry? Let’s learn how to create delicious-looking food art to add alongside your SD character.

Tips for Selling & Marketing
Your Merch

Done with your designs? Merch-making doesn’t end there! I will use my experience as a long-time merch creator to guide you through the process of selling and marketing your merch: both online and offline.

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