Introduction to Acting – Animation Mentor

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Create Standout Performances

Introduction to Acting will teach you to animate unique dialogue shots, helping you craft characters that are iconic and relatable. Learn how to convey real emotion through facial expressions and develop your character acting skills by adding believable lip sync.


In the Introduction to Character Acting animation course, you’ll tackle two of the most challenging aspects of character animation: pantomime acting and animating dialogue. Through pantomime acting, you’ll learn to show your character’s emotions to the audience without narration or dialogue. Then you’ll move on to the most exciting concept in character animation: dialogue acting. Watch as the improvement in your animation directly impacts the quality of your characters!

Skills You Need Before You Start

This character animation course requires you to have a working understanding of, and experience with, Autodesk Maya software.

What You’ll Learn

Now that your body mechanics are solid, let’s focus on introducing more nuanced character performances. In this course you will:

  • Craft impactful performances through pantomime and body language
  • Learn the basics of full facial animation, including lip sync, and how facial acting is incorporated into the full performance
  • Elevate your acting skills by utilizing the techniques of subtext and subtlety
  • Enhance your shots with secondary action, adding believability and appeal to any performance
  • Apply polishing to facial animation and lip sync without sacrificing the clarity of your poses

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