Get the course GESTURE DRAWING – 21 Draw free download links through and Google Drive.


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of gesture drawing
  • Learn about form, dynamic posing & figure drawing in perspective
  • Learn about drawing from photo references
  • Dig deep on cool concepts like contrapposto and counter angles


This course is so much more than just gesture drawing! You’ll learn about form, dynamic posing and figure drawing in perspective. You’ll even learn about drawing from photo references and get to dig deep on cool concepts like contrapposto and counter angles.

This course will boost your figure drawing skills to the next level. And don’t worry, if you don’t have any skills to begin with then this course is perfect for you too 🙂 You’ll also get TWO bonus lessons by artists David Rosel and Genzoman where they complete the same Aphrodite brief as Warren, allowing you to compare their unique methods and styles.

Duration: Over 9 Hours of lessons, theory and practical assignments spaced over the course of 1 month. This will give you time to complete the excercises!

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