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Welcome to the brand new “Geometry Nodes From Scratch” training! In this series of videos you will get familiar with the fundamental concepts behind the popular Geometry Nodes system. This content has been created by Blender Studio artist Simon Thommes. Simon is also a member of the Geometry Nodes module.

Geometry Nodes as an addition to Blender’s tool-set have massively vitalized its capabilities for procedural workflows. Learn everything you need to know about the fundamental concepts and workflows of Geometry Nodes, from playing with them for the first time to building elaborate procedural geometry generators.

While you are definitely encouraged to get started using and playing around with Geometry Nodes right away, the main focus of this course will be laid on truly understanding all the fundamental concepts to give you a solid foundation on which you can build your skill with practical experience.

To support the theoretical concepts with hands-on examples along the way will build up a little low-poly nature asset library. All the assets are created using geometry nodes generator that is built from scratch and using several parameters for customization.

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