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Develop Pro-Level Shots for Your Demo Reel

Congratulations! You’ve acquired all the knowledge you need to become an animator and now it’s time to put it all together. In Feature Animation Acting & Polish, you’ll take your skills to the professional level by animating feature-quality shots that you can showcase in your demo reel. Your mentor will also share best practices for creating your portfolio and advice on how to get hired for your dream job in the industry.


Combine all the skills you’ve acquired and apply the concepts to a new animated shot in Feature Animation Acting & Polish course. Learn valuable techniques to refine and polish your animation and create work that stands out.

In this course, you’ll learn the best practices for what to include (and what not to include) on your demo reel, and gain valuable insights into the hiring process at top animation studios.

Skills You Need Before You Start

This character animation course requires you to have a working understanding of, and experience with, Autodesk Maya software.

What You’ll Learn

You’ve mastered animation fundamentals, body mechanics, and essential acting skills. Now it’s time to add a final level of polish and subtlety to your shots and your demo reel. In this course you will:

  • Give your characters distinct personalities, making them recognizable, memorable, and appealing
  • Use advanced spacing techniques to sell the physicality and believability of your characters’ actions and gestures
  • Utilize advanced polishing skills to fine-tune each shot to a high-quality finish
  • Incorporate subtle acting skills to create stand out, studio-ready performances
  • Understand what it takes to create an awesome demo reel, including key mistakes to avoid
  • Learn to develop your critical eye so that when you leave Animation Mentor you can continue improving your work into your career

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