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  • Total 19 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Jaehoon Choi throughout 19 online classes.
  • Basic Level Requires a basic understanding of Illustrator and InDesign.

Have you ever wanted to display eye-catching and instantly identifiable graphic designs with consistency
on different applications and projects?

Well then you would need a distinct design style grounded in the foundations of design, so that you could use fluent design language with flexibility and stand out everywhere and anywhere.

Class Highlights

Insight into Key Element Composition for Each Project and Adaptable Design Approaches

You will learn how to compose key design elements for different graphic design conditions from posters to a variety of applications, and the process of developing the main concept.

Case Studies to Help You Build
a Distinct Design Language

You will learn to define and build a distinct and creative design style and language through over 6 case studies.

Creating Consistency between Different Applications with Design Systems

You will learn the fundamental approach for creating consistent design styles, and work with hands-on exercises where you could get a sense for applying the approach yourself.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • Appropriate Design Approaches for Each Project and Situation You will learn how to tailor designs for various design projects with reference searches, appropriate design languages and approach.
  • Types of Typefaces and Typography Stylizing You will learn the different types of typefaces from classic to modern, understand typography, which is the foundation of graphic design, and its settings for an organized composition.
  • Design Composition Using Graphic Elements, Color, and Layout You will learn how to create and use the back bone of graphic design, such as the graphic elements, color, and layout, more effectively and with more flexibility.
  • Experimental Approaches for Typeface Creation You will learn to create custom typefaces that implement characteristics of an object into specific shapes.
  • Information and Concept Visualization into Graphic Elements You will learn how to draw out keywords and concepts from information about the object and visualize it into graphic images that are appealing.
  • Creating Consistency in Concepts for Diverse Applications You will learn to apply graphic assets to various applications with the graphic elements you create during the hands-on exercises of the basic graphic elements class.

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