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  • Total 12 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator, Guillem Daudén throughout 12 online videos.
  • Basic Level Perfect for those with a basic proficiency in drawing who want to start learning how to illustrate dynamic action.

Jump into the world of illustrated action by drawing dynamic illustrations!

Learn the techniques Guillem has developed from his years of experience working as a manga artist. This includes a complete rundown of everything you’ll need to draw cool action scenes: from poses, gestures, FX, perspectives, kinetic lines, light & shadows, and more!

Class Highlights

FX Techniques & Actions

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. Using various FX and techniques can push your drawings to the next level.

Dynamic Expressions

At the heart of every fight needs to be at least two characters. Posing them in a dynamic way that helps show their personality is a core element for creating a truly intense battle scene.

Bring It All Together

There are many different elements you need to take into consideration when drawing an intense, action-packed scene. Effectively combining all these elements is the key to making the whole thing work.

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