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Learn from a Disney veteran how to draw dynamic and interesting character poses.


What you’ll learn

  • Translate your character’s emotions and personality into dynamic poses that tell a story
  • Practice drawing various thumbnail poses for a single character
  • Use animation principles like ‘Twists & Tilts’ and ‘Squash & Stretch’ to add visual interest
  • Create a variety of relaxed poses that look natural, not stiff or rigid
  • Learn how to create realistic balance and weight distribution for characters
  • Show your character’s personality through inactive and active poses
  • Discover how silhouettes help make a good, clear pose


Are you fairly good at coming up with characters, but somehow feel that they are a bit stiff and unnatural, with stances that seem a bit ‘awkward’? Or do you tend to draw standard poses for standing, sitting, walking, etc. and want to infuse them with life, to make them more interesting?

There are lots of tutorials these days on character design, but far less teaching how to create poses and gestures for those characters. A well-drawn pose plays a big role in effectively conveying a character’s emotions and unique personality, be they a sinister villain, a courageous hero or an amusing side-kick.

In this course, Tony Bancroft, shows you how to do just THAT, drawing from his wealth of experience in the animation industry, having worked with studios like Disney and Warner Bros. He explains the key principles used in cartoons to make movements believable and entertaining and demonstrates the techniques for applying these concepts to your artwork.

At the end of this course, you’ll think about illustration in a whole different way and have a new set of skills at your disposal to create characters that practically jump off the page!

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