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Join Loopydave in this fun, entertaining course, as he teaches you how to create awesome caricatures!


What you’ll learn

  • How to create your own caricatures of loved ones and famous people
  • Learn how to identify & exaggerate prominent facial features and understand how faces differ from one another
  • Understand what to look for in a reference photo and how to mix and match several references
  • Discover two handy methods for finding the weight in a face and how to spot asymmetry
  • Explore ways to divide a face into simple shapes and lines for easy drawing
  • Learn the ‘idealized’ measurements of a standard face
  • How to draw with a clear intention to help you progress faster
  • Tried and proven methods for successful exaggeration
  • Learn how to create your own caricature


With Loopydave’s light-hearted and fun style of teaching, you’ll be so entertained that you’ll probably even forget you’re learning!

Caricaturing combines the skills of understanding the uniqueness of a face and exaggerating it in a way that enhances the likeness (rather than detracting from it). But where do you start, which features do you emphasize, how do you exaggerate them … AND (burning question) what are the differences between Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe??

Drawing caricatures is less about a ‘right or wrong’ approach and more about finding a strong solution. In this course, you’ll learn all of Loopydave’s tips and tricks, as well as his techniques & visual guides to help you achieve that ‘strong solution’ for your own caricatures.

He breaks down his process into simple, clear, ‘snack-size’ steps that you can easily follow, from using basic shapes, to deciding which features to emphasize, to identifying facial asymmetry and weight.

Even if the thought of drawing caricatures has never crossed your mind, you’re guaranteed to have a blast discovering the ins and outs of this cool skill, and be itching to give it a try yourself!

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