Get the course DRAW A MANGA CHARACTER FROM SCRATCH – 21 Draw free download links through Mega.nz and Google Drive.

Follow along with master artist, Andrea Cofrancesco, as he shows his process of creating an anime/manga female character.


What you’ll learn

  • Tips for studying references in order to use them creatively in your own artwork.
  • How to sketch dynamic and creative poses, avoiding stiff, lifeless characters
  • Understand the unique characteristics of anime / manga art: proportions and features
  • The process for cleaning up your sketch lines and inking your art like a pro
  • Choose a fitting anime-style color palette
  • Render your character fully with shadows and highlights using a simple method


Are you a fan of anime and manga artwork and would absolutely LOVE to learn to draw characters in this fun, cute style?

There are specific characteristics of anime artwork that make it so unique and loved around the world! Curious to discover what they are, and more importantly, how to use them in your own illustrations?

Well, today is your lucky day! 😀

In these awesome art demo videos, professional anime artist, Andrea Cofrancesco, will teach you tricks of the trade for drawing in the anime style. Follow along with him as he designs a manga-style girl from start to finish, teaching you valuable skills along the way, such as how to draw engaging, dynamic poses, draw heads from different angles, and cleanly ink in your sketch.

You’ll end up with a beautifully rendered, polished illustration that you will be super proud of … and acquire brand-new drawing techniques that you can use time and again!

Check out some FREE lessons below!

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MEGA and Google Drive Links available

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