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Take your matte painting to the next level creating a 2.5D environment and launch your career in VFX
Matte painters who can create truly photo realistic environments are are in high demand as productions are relying more heavily on these artists for film, TV and commercials.

This course will take you through the entire Digital Matte Painting pipeline using Photoshop, Nuke and Maya. Students will be constructing a digital matte painting from start to finish. Advancing your skills as an artist to make your portfolio stand out.

By the end of the course, students will have a deep understanding of the digital matte painting world and workflow. They will have also gained knowledge on how to troubleshoot new problems or tasks.

Students will also develop their own photorealistic matte painting.

By the end of the course you’ll:

  • Have developed your 2.5D projection in Nuke
  • Have an understanding of what it takes to develop photorealistic environments that meet industry standards
  • Understand how to properly plan a production pipeline for efficient workflow
  • Have the confidence and ability to create advanced photo realistic digital matte paintings

Module 1: DMP within a Visual Effects Pipeline
Module 2: Principles for an efficient workflow
Module 3: Techniques for improving Photorealism
Modules 4: Using 3D as a Starting Point
Module 5: Setting up in Photoshop and Nuke
Module 6: Time to paint
Module 7: Finalizing your shot

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