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Learn how to create beautiful digital illustrations with characters in inspiring nature environments!


What you’ll learn

  • Walk-through of Simone’s illustration process
  • How to plan your illustration and find inspiration by combining references
  • How to create beautiful environments, including tips for drawing natural-looking plants
  • Integrate your characters into a background
  • Understand concepts like horizon line, perspective and various lighting effects
  • Learn semi-realistic anatomy and structure of a character
  • Use nifty digital tools such as perspective grids, clipping masks, and drawing assist
  • Give a traditional look to your digital illustrations
  • Master blend modes to add lighting, warmth and shadows


A blank page can be a scary thing! You feel like drawing, so you open your sketchbook. You doodle a bit… but then push it aside, feeling frustrated! WHYYY!??

Rest assured! You aren’t alone. Many artists experience the exact same thing. Simone will show you how to avoid this and get super inspired instead!

She will walk you through her entire process of painting a beautiful background from the ground up, explaining exactly what she is doing and why, and give you lots of helpful advice that you can apply immediately in your illustrations.

You’ll discover how colors and light work, how to integrate a character into a beautiful background, and also learn nifty shortcuts to create structures (like bridges & more) and natural-looking foliage.

Simone will also teach you concepts like horizon lines, lighting effects, perspective, fore, mid, and background planes, giving you a solid foundation to work with when creating your own environment scenes.

Having learned a ton of new skills and concepts in this fantastic course, you’ll be off to the races with a newfound confidence in tackling both characters & backgrounds!

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