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Learn how to create a beautiful illustration from start to finish with a master artist, focusing on expressions, body types, composition and loads more!


What you’ll learn

  • The wonders of composition, storytelling, & digital coloring
  • How to create a beautiful full colored illustration from scratch!
  • Understand the body’s proportions & how to create different body types
  • How to create incredible dynamic poses by using the line of action method
  • Get better at drawing eyes at different angles and at different ages!
  • Get awesome tips for adding life to your character’s expressions
  • How to focus your viewer’s eye and frame the scene
  • Laia’s best tips for drawing various hairstyles


Have you ever sat in front of a blank canvas, wanting to illustrate an idea but not knowing where to start? Argh… what a struggle to come up with ideas sometimes!

BUT… you’re not alone. Even professional artists struggle! The difference is that they’ve developed hacks to overcome “art block” and produce amazing art over & over! In this course, you’ll discover how to do that too … and so much more!

After completing the course, you’ll be able to create your own beautiful illustrations and have an awesome new skill set under your belt! Imagine how people will react when they see your new-found skills!

In the course, you’ll learn from a true master. Laia will show you the steps she follows when illustrating a beautiful scene. You’ll learn about brainstorming, sketching, testing color palettes, composition, digital inking, and how to add lighting & shading…for that grand finale!

Follow along with Laia as you learn how to get your thoughts on paper and test different ideas. She will also teach you how to draw specific aspects of a character, like various hairstyles, facial expressions, body types and clothing.

So what are you waiting for?! Jump on in and start drawing!

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