Get the course DIGITAL DRAWING IN PHOTOSHOP INTERMEDIATE – 21 Draw free download links through and Google Drive.

Follow along with Erika in creating a mermaid from start to finish in Photoshop and learn lots of pro techniques!


What you’ll learn

  • Start your sketch on a blank canvas in Photoshop
  • Paint a beautiful, high-quality digital illustration like a pro
  • Adjust your Brush tool so drawing feels natural and smooth
  • Add nice effects to your artwork like blur, texture, and contrast
  • Unify the character and the background so they fit well together
  • Discover tricks to make adjustments quickly and easily
  • Learn advanced techniques to speed up your workflow


In this course, Erika teaches you a tried-and-proven painting method that changed her whole relationship with digital art! In the past, she used to struggle with creating clean linework digitally, becoming frustrated with the long process and unsatisfactory results.

Today, she’ll walk you through her entire workflow of creating a beautiful illustration completely digitally from start to finish! You’ll learn pro tips and techniques to take your artwork to the next level, that will wow your audience and make you proud!

Erika will show you exactly what tools and features to focus on and which ones are non-essential to digital art. You’ll get a well-rounded overview of everything you need to know about digital drawing and painting in Photoshop, so you have the needed tools and confidence to create your own amazing artwork!

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