Get the course DIGITAL DRAWING IN PHOTOSHOP FOR BEGINNERS – 21 Draw free download links through and Google Drive.

Watch Erika create a beautiful illustration from scratch in Photoshop and follow along as she guides you step-by-step through her process and teaches cool painting techniques.


What you’ll learn

  • Discover Photoshop’s interface, including all essential tools & shortcuts for digital art
  • Turn a sketch on paper into a fully-colored, beautiful digital painting
  • Familiarize yourself with a graphics tablet and learn to adjust its settings
  • How to take good photos of your art and edit them in Photoshop
  • Master ‘Hue/Saturation’, ‘Color Balance’ and Blend Modes to adjust your colors and create shadows/highlights
  • Learn how to set up and work with layers to speed up your process


When Erika was entering the world of illustration, there were no comprehensive guides available on the subject of digital art. This course was specifically created to teach you the things she wished she knew back then, enabling you to start your journey on the right foot.

Packed into these video lessons are the most helpful principles and tips that Erika gathered from her years of experience as a digital artist. You will learn the foundational skills essential for beginner artists, as well as useful techniques to up your game if you are at an intermediate level … and tons of other awesome tips!

Erika demonstrates digital painting techniques in Photoshop, however the general rules apply to other digital painting software, such as Procreate or Clip Studio Paint.

She will show you exactly which tools and features are important for digital art and which ones you can ignore. Not only that, she will walk you through her process of creating a gorgeous illustration from scratch, so you can learn by example! 🙂

After this course, you’ll be fully equipped to produce your own fantastic digital artwork and enjoy the process!

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