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  • Total 21 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Riesun throughout 21 online classes.
  • Basic Level Requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Do you rely on copying other artwork when you paint character costumes and weapons, or do you feel frustrated when you have to create original design elements?

To become a concept artist that is respected in the industry, you must know how to identify popular trends that the user base will enjoy based on the game’s story and settings, and how to express it in the character’s design.

From finding inspiration from design resources to understanding how character designs can be trendy, and how to make various character designs and concept arts that fit the theme of the character, learn from Concept Artist Riesun, an artist who proved her proficiency in designing character costumes as she created character concept art for <Seven Knights>, <Gran Saga>, and other famous games for over 9 years and master the practical design process used in the industry.

Class Highlights

Learn How to Design Characters
Through Creative Ideation

Concept artist Riesun participated in numerous concept art projects for famous video games, and master her practical character design project to make industry-ready character sheets.

Understanding What Good Designs are And Applying it
To Your Artwork

Do you want to make stylish designs that adapt to the quickly changing trends? Learn how to establish design standards and also how to make competitive high-quality character designs.

Review What You Learned In the Industry Way, Efficient Class Materials Provided

This is your chance to focus solely on costume and weapon designs! Lessen the burden of drawing characters every time with our character body drawing sketch file and improve your character designing capability.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • Design Fundamentals for Character Designs Learn the basics of character designs and dissect design elements from references to establish the direction of your character design.
  • Setting Character Themes to Establish Design Standards Using the practical concept art process, set the theme of the character design that will be appealing to the public and draw a simple body and pose.
  • Determine Weapon Design Style & Applying Emblems and Patterns Determine the right weapon style that suits the character and apply symbolic emblems and patterns based on crucial weapon design elements.
  • Practical Process 1
    – Character Class and Costume
    To effectively deliver a balanced and expressive design, we will create 3 character designs with the following concepts; Swordsman, Healer, Damage Dealer.
  • Practical Process 2
    – Symbolic Emblem and Weapon
    We will study how to use emblems to create symbolic design elements and design a greatsword for the swordsman, a wand for the healer, and a spear for the damage dealer.
  • Industry Character Design Tips & Essentials for a Concept Artist Not only will you learn how to express your design sense in your portfolio, but you’ll also contemplate about what assets you must acquire in the highly competitive character design industry and how to position yourself.

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