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  • Total 28 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from expert illustrator Sungmoo Heo throughout 28 online videos.
  • Basic Level Get exclusive tips and insights from expert illustrator Sungmoo Heo throughout 28 online videos.

Still unable to grasp how to draw the human body?

The more of a beginner you are, the more you require a systematic curriculum that
points out only the practical core knowledge.

Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry. I will be your personal guide to drawing the human body for natural expressions and poses.

Starting with human anatomy, we will be composing a stylish character with the basic theory of angles and clothes.

Class Highlights

How to Express the Human Body in Detail

Based on the characteristics of each part of the human body, such as the eyes, mouth, neck, shoulders, hands, legs, and shoes, and my tips in body figure drawing, I will demonstrate how to express the human body from various angles in detail.

It’s Not Challenging to Draw Dynamic Poses

Improve your drawing skills to draw the poses you want! You can learn the basics of poses, as well as learn how to direct various poses through demonstrations by our staff.

Complete Stylish and Trendy Characters

Based on the theory you learned earlier, complete two types of male and female characters through step-by-step processes such as concept design, thumbnail, and refinement.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • The Three-Dimensional Effect That Breathes Life into a Drawing Learn the importance and reason why three-dimensional expression is challenging, and study the principle and application of three-dimensional effect through shortening / interpreting / observation training to improve the three-dimensional effect.
  • Correct Use of Lines Learn how to differentiate between a good and a bad line, and improve your stroke skills by understanding and using a wide range of lines, such as how to handle lines according to the change of the hand axis.
  • Eye-Catching Character Styling We can grasp attractive face angles and eye-catching styles through analysis of various characters in popular animations.
  • Shape Language and Deformation You can learn about various body types, such as skinny / muscular / muscular yet fleshy body types, based on the foundational skills of designing characters utilizing the three key components: the skeleton, muscle, and flesh.
  • Fundamentals of Pose and Analysis of Various Poses You can learn approaches to complex poses such as sitting poses, running poses, and weapon-wielding poses through the theoretical application of the fundamentals of poses.
  • Stylish Character Creation Complete your own male and female characters based on character illustration composition (creation, production) that can catch the viewers’ eyes.

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