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  • Total 27 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Hyulla throughout 27 online classes.
  • Basic Level Requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC.

People who dream of becoming an illustrator worry about the charm and the direction of their own drawing as they build experience and approach practical work level.

But what they worry about the most is usually related to understanding the theory and expressing the details.
Therefore, it is very important to point that out and guide them in the correct direction.

This class is where you can gain deep knowledge of 3D, perspective, light, and characteristics of color from a visual aspect.
You can learn about impression and motion that are given by the features of each body part, as well as the instructor’s unique expressions on detail.

Create a high-quality illustration through a class with a step-by-step curriculum available for a lifetime.

Class Highlights

Advance Your Skills by Deeply Learning about the Basics

In addition to basic knowledge such as perspective and light, deepen the visual theory underlying all expressions, such as the advanced human body detail expression method and object expression theory, and broaden the scope of expression through practical examples.

Tell a Story by Showing Detailed Character Characteristics and Screen Composition

Learn how to compose a character with a clearer story by learning the feeling of visual images for each face, body type, and concept, and learn how to compose a character that gives a cool sense of space to the screen and subject and expresses the intended atmosphere in an attractive way.

Express the Details of Objects and Characters in an Attractive Way

Learn how to express the human body and design know-how to properly capture the character’s personality and charm, as well as how to describe objects that can bring the design to life.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • Advanced Theory Course Which Provides Answers to Your Questions Lay the theoretical foundations of illustration by deeply contemplating 3D, perspective, and the characteristics of light and color from a visual aspect, checking the basics that are forgotten, and obtaining in-depth knowledge used in practical work.
  • Creating A Powerful Character Design Design a character that can be identified with a single glance, through impression given by body part features such as the face, body, concept, etc., and nuance, hair, and costume styling that appears in the motion and gesture.
  • Screen Composition with a Sense of Atmosphere and Space Use camera angle and object placement to grasp screen structure, which may feel boundless.
  • Human Body Expressions To Create an Attractive Character Look for your own answer on expressing a captivating character by looking at a wide range of cases on the human body classified by the details of the head/upper body/lower body/abdominal region/hands/feet/skin beyond the basic knowledge, as well as by learning the instructor’s unique, detailed expression method.
  • Object Expressions That Help Broaden Your Design Pool Learn how to handle metals, which are most frequently used in game illustrations. Understand and express the objects made out of transparent/translucent materials which you’ve drawn habitually because they’re difficult to draw.
  • Enhance Your Painting Skills By Focusing on the Details Let’s learn how to use the speaker’s own Photoshop tools that are actually used to enhance the detailed expression method as well as the theoretical understanding of the picture.

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