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  • Total 10 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Concept Artist Luhan Wang throughout 10 online videos.
  • Beginner Level Perfect for those with a beginner proficiency in perspectives who want to start learning environment design.

“How can you design immersive worlds that tell a story?”

Luhan Wang answers the question using her skills in perspective and environment design.

Start creating your own world by looking into its more complex functions and learning how to understand perspective through concepts such as vanishing points that create depth and tell your story.

Class Highlights

Setting Up the Horizon Line
and Vanishing Points

What kind of perspective are we using? What is our camera angle? What is the amount of space that we want to show? What’s a better way to help tell our story? These questions all have varying answers depending on how we use our first set of key tools. We will look at the horizon line and vanishing point(s) in order to understand their functions and help kickstart our drawings.

The Movement of Objects
in Space

If you look at the space around you, you will quickly notice that not everything is perfectly parallel to each other or organized in a pristine manner. Throughout this course, we will learn what role perspective plays in various transformations of an object, and how to achieve them, while maintaining the same shape and form.

Structure Behind Every Detail

During the process of creating an environment, we want to always double-check that the objects we are putting into our spaces feel believable and have the right structure. Throughout this course, I will teach you the basics of building correctly structured objects, making sure that every part of an item is sitting properly in its place.

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