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Get the course Conceptualizing Your Character From Design to Illustration – Coloso free download links through and Google Drive.

  • Total 20 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Concept Artist Soyoong throughout 10 online classes.
  • Intermediate Level Requires a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Are you having a hard time searching for ways to go beyond an ‘illustrator’ and become a ‘concept artist?’

You can learn how to express character themes, how to make character drafts and sheets, how to build portfolios, and more!

For everyone studying on their own, we prepared concept artist Soyoong’s step-by-step curriculum, an active videogame illustrator and an instructor at PROPIC ACADEMY.

Artist Soyoong possesses both artistic and instructional talent, and from this class, you can learn the fundamentals solely focused on the field of concept art, and also useful techniques for making character designs, roughs, illustrations, and even portfolios.

And based on the instructor’s experience working in the field and teaching students, there are also tips on studying alone and developing the right mindset!!

From devising concepts and mastering art techniques, do you want to become one of the best concept artists?

Then check this active artist’s videogame concept artist curriculum right now at Coloso.

Class Highlights

Character Designs Emphasizing the Theme Effectively and Attractively

To effectively convey the theme, we’ll learn how to use silhouettes, color contrast, and changing key points, and we’ll immediately apply what we learned to have an easier and more entertaining approach to character designs.

How to Create Characters Sheet and Illustrations Portfolios

Revealing the practical know-how to portfolios only recognized by professionals! From the Why’s to the How’s, learn the techniques every professional artist should use to build solid portfolios.

Mental Control & Self-Study Methods to Survive as a Professional

Learn how to overcome the negative emotional states we easily encounter as we draw, such as burnout, slumps, fatigue, and jealousy. Master the right mindset to discipline yourself, study on your own, and become a professional artist.

Class Details
You’ll Learn

  • The Basics of Professional Character Concept Art We’ll first cover fundamental questions that are hard to figure out alone, like why we need orthographic drawings and the difference between videogame concept art and illustrations to build the foundation as a concept artist.
  • How to Choose the Character’s Visual Theme and Key Points Study how to effectively convey the theme by using visual themes, thinking in the viewer’s perspective, silhouettes, colors and contrast, analyzing the needs and target audience, and more.
  • Design Tips to Greatly Improve Quality with Small Corrections Discover ways to improve the quality of your art by paying attention to the small things like refining roughs and adding details.
  • The Key Components That Must be in Portfolios As you find the answers to puzzling design factors, such as how many character sheets you should make and how you should compose portfolios to better show your expertise, you’ll build a unique portfolio that is significantly appealing to companies.
  • How to Make Characters Stand Out in Your Illustrations After understanding how illustrations are different from concept art, what their strengths are, the different types of illustrations, and the pros and cons each illustration type has, you’ll determine and apply the right expression method for your characters.
  • The Right Mindset to Survive as a Professional and Helpful Self-Study Tips Learn the required study method to become a professional artist, the right mindset to maintain a positive mental health, and other in-the-field techniques that will help you survive as a concept artist.

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