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Learn super simple tips to create original, exciting characters from scratch!


What you’ll learn

  • Fundamentals concepts of character design
  • How to give your character a strong first impression
  • Learn about shape language and how to use it
  • Fun exercises to fuel your creativity and stimulate the right side of your brain
  • Use geometric, organic and abstract shapes to draw cool, unique characters
  • Mastering symmetry as a design asset
  • Tried-and-proven tools to develop interesting characters
  • Pro tips to improve your characters’ aesthetic


Do you ever marvel at the ability of some artists to design awesome characters? You can’t help but wonder where they get their inspiration from? Do they possess some mysterious superpower that separates them from us, mere mortals?

Believe it or not, even professional designers with years of experience encounter creative block. The difference between them and the average Joe is they know the secrets, the methods, and the tricks to get their creative juices flowing again when they’ve run into a brick wall.

Wanna hear the good news? Those skills are all learnable… and it’s not nearly as hard as you think! In this beginner-level course, Isaac shows you the exercises he and other character designers use repeatedly to expand their imaginations, tossing aside the thought patterns and rules that cage their creativity.

You will learn how to use tried-and-proven tools to develop interesting characters, working through fun, easy assignments that you can do anywhere with just paper and pencil. Isaac will teach you the importance of shape language and how to use it effectively in your artwork. You’ll also understand the key role a strong silhouette plays in storytelling, ensuring your characters give a great first impression not a mediocre one.

Once you’ve grasped these simple concepts, you’ll be designing cool, original characters from your imagination in no time—the kind others can only hope to create. The world is your oyster!

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