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Building a Scalable Architecture to maintain a stable user & developer experience with a growing mobile team and app.

Developers’ skills are shown in how well they can handle bottlenecks in a development process. For servers, bottlenecks occur when many users are crowded in a server, but for mobile, bottlenecks occur when several developers’ codes are crowded in one program.

Thanks to the scalable architecture, Grab mobile development team, which is made of more than 100 iOS developers, divided into less than 10 big Tech Families such as Mobility, Food, Payment, CX, etc. Each team makes use of the features created by other teams, as well as provide stable service to consumers, and were able to increase the developers’ productivity.

How do the 100+ iOS developers at Grab, the biggest Southeast Asian super-app with 180 million users in 8 countries deploy dozens of new features in a month without experiencing bottlenecks every week?

The answer is scalable architecture!

SECTION 0. Intro.

SECTION 1. Code Level Architecture : Skills for Making a Reusable Code

SECTION 2. Module Level Architecture: Maintenance and Modularization that Considers Development Speed

SECTION 3. Automated Testing

SECTION 4. Scalable Infrastructure: Problems That Cannot be Resolved With Just Codes

Software Required

– Xcode 13
– Swift
– Swift Package
– Combine
– RIBs
– XCTest

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