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This is a documentation series showing off every single feature found in CloudRig. These videos are structured similarly to the CloudRig wiki, so you can read those pages along with watching these videos, if you wish.

CloudRig: Intro

This chapter will introduce you to CloudRig, the Rigify feature set used to rig CoffeeRun and Sprite Fright.

You can download CloudRig from this link, although you should watch the first video to make sure you download the correct version.

CloudRig: Rig Types

CloudRig adds its own rig types to Rigify, each of which are identified by their name, which starts with “cloud_”. Once you add a CloudRig rig type to your armature, it is considered a CloudRig metarig, which will unlock all the additional features that come with the feature set.

You can find a written documentation of all rig types on the wiki.

CloudRig: Features

CloudRig has expanded a bit in scope over time, from merely adding additional rig elements to Rigify, to even adding some new features and systems.

Add-on: Pose Shape Keys

The Pose Shape Keys addon is separate from CloudRig, and we use it to author and manage our corrective shape keys.

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