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Start Your Animation Journey

Master basic animation techniques and learn to bring characters to life in our Animation Basics course. You’ll give your characters weight, make them walk with personality, and learn how to express emotion through movement. All of these exercises will be performed using our professional rigs.


In animation, you must walk before you can run because learning to animate a walk cycle ensures that you have the knowledge to move on to other types of shots.

In Animation Basics, you’ll learn the founding principles of 3D character animation and how to apply them to simple shapes. This will give you a solid foundation for later on when you need to animate complex characters and dialogue shots. The most important thing you will learn in this course is how to convey emotion (using even the simplest of characters).

Skills You Need Before You Start

This introductory character animation course requires you to have a working understanding of, and experience with, Autodesk Maya software.

What You’ll Learn

At the beginning of your character animation journey you’ll be introduced to the 12 Principles of Animation and you’ll lay the groundwork for the rest of your skills by mastering animation basics. In this course you will:

  • Understand the fundamental 12 Principles of Animation and how to apply them
  • Animate the classic bouncing ball while demonstrating proper weight and timing, a seemingly simple exercise that will inform all your future work
  • Learn efficient animation workflows, including how to block out and refine your shots
  • Animate a simple and straightforward “vanilla” walk cycle
  • Create a stylized walk cycle to showcase personality and emotion
  • Learn to create clear poses that convey emotion even before your character begins to speak

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