Advanced Body Mechanics – Animation Mentor

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Design Exciting Action Sequences

In the Advanced Body Mechanics course you will learn to use camera angles and composition to share your story with an audience. You’ll edit multiple shots into a cohesive narrative and build on your knowledge of body mechanics to make your characters run, jump, and climb.



In the Advanced Body Mechanics animation course, build on your skills from previous courses to animate increasingly physical shots. Pick a character and create your own action sequence, using cuts to help tell your story.

Whether you want to send your character barreling through a wall or jumping out of a plane, Advanced Body Mechanics will teach you the necessary skills to animate believable physicality and body mechanics.

Skills You Need Before You Start

This character animation course requires you to have a working understanding of, and experience with, Autodesk Maya software.

What You’ll Learn

Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to focus on Body Mechanics. In this course you will:

  • Use staging and composition to tell a story and help your audience understand the narrative progression
  • Plan a 3-shot action sequence that utilizes dynamic movement to tell an appealing story
  • Learn advanced techniques to make your characters pirouette across a stage, scale the rigging of a pirate ship, or backflip out a window
  • Combine body mechanics principles into a powerful tool set which you’ll use to create more believable motion in your characters
  • Incorporate different types and sources of video reference and use them to enhance your animation

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