Advanced Acting – Animation Mentor

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Build a Masterful 1-on-1 Dialogue Sequence

Now that your characters can walk, talk, and react to their environment, it’s time to learn how to make them interact with each other. In Advanced Acting, you’ll craft believable, multi-character moments and learn to animate scenes that form a cohesive story.


Learn to create shots that cut together correctly, staging your acting to support the overall story and character arc. In the Advanced Character Acting Animation course, your assignments will focus on two-person dialogue shots and you’ll learn to find the balance between both performances. As an animator, you’ll need to bring each character to life without losing focus on the core beats of your shot.

After our class, the relationships between your characters will feel realistic and believable. Your audience will be able to feel the strong bond between characters who are friends and the rivalry between characters who are in a conflict.

Skills You Need Before You Start

This character animation course requires you to have a working understanding of, and experience with, Autodesk Maya software.

What You’ll Learn

Enjoy the spotlight! In Advanced Acting you’ll create dynamic performances and subtle emotions that transport the audience. You’ll also:

  • Learn the importance of cinematography in your animation planning, including basic composition, lens selection, and camera mood
  • Analyze recorded audio and identify pieces that would make good candidates for animation, including clear beats, phrases, and contrast
  • Find balance in your two-person shot by giving each character life, while maintaining focus on the core narrative beats
  • Dive deeper into subtext to understand how to reveal your character’s internal thought process through your external acting choices
  • Learn to create shots that cut together to tell a cinematic story

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