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  • Total 10 videos Get exclusive tips and insights from Illustrator Gregor Kari throughout 10 online videos.
  • Beginner Level Perfect for beginners who want to start learning human anatomy illustration.

Understanding the human body and accurately drawing it plays a large part in your success as an illustrator.

This class breaks down the human anatomy into easy-to-learn parts so that even beginners can develop their character work.

I’ll dive into everything from using simple volumetric shapes like cubes, cylinders, and spheres for anatomy to breaking down complex anatomy into shapes. By the end of this class, you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of the human body.

Basic Knowledge and Shapes

Learn how to use simple volumetric shapes to help you to draw anything from your imagination. Cubes, cylinders, and spheres are all you need to know before diving into the subject of anatomy. Once you can draw simple volumetric shapes from your imagination, you’ll be able to draw anything you want.

Breaking Down Complex Anatomy into Shapes

Once you can draw basic geometric shapes, you will learn how to break down parts of the human body into simple and understandable shapes and construct them from cubes, cylinders, and spheres. This will give you the confidence you need to create your own drawings. For those newer to drawing or illustration, you will find that each chapter focuses on one section of the body, which will make the curriculum easier to understand.

Developing an In-depth Understanding of Anatomy

Develop an in-depth understanding of every body part of the human body and how they’re connected, then practice that knowledge with exercises. We will dive into the different muscle groups and the bones they are attached to. I’ll also share tips and insights for overcoming difficulties in drawing characters that can be applied to almost any style.

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