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Learn how to rig your own characters or start your path to becoming a tech artist!

Rigging is one of the most sought after careers in the entertainment industries and is a huge value add to Character Artists looking to get started.

What you’ll learn:
Rigging is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your technical capacity and make yourself a stronger job candidate.

This course will take you through the entire rigging pipeline, using Maya. Students will be constructing a character rig from start to finish. Pushing the potential and your own ability to pay attention to nuances and the specific character traits are what will help your portfolio stand out.

By the end of the course, students will have a deep understanding of the character riggings process. They will have also gained knowledge on how to troubleshoot new problems or tasks.

Students will also learn about the performance constraints they might run into in a real production pipeline.

By the end of the course you’ll:

  • Have developed your own Character Rig
  • Have an understanding of proceduralism and reusability in the Rigging pipeline
  • Understand how to properly place joints and controls for your rig
  • Have the confidence and ability to create twist setups for your rigs

Module 1: Intro To Rigging
90 minutes

In this sprint, Jose will demonstrate the basics of rigging. Joint orientation overview. Using the functionality of Maya for rigging.

Module 2: Skeleton Layout
85 minutes

In this sprint, Jose teaches how to establish joints and begin placing them. Using various methods to create the best possible puppet.

Module 3: Spine Rig
110 minutes

In this sprint, Jose will begin creating the controls for the joints. demonstrates all the different joints that need controls to create an ideal puppet.

Module 4: Neck & Head Rig
70 minutes

In this sprint, Jose will be going over the differences between FK and IK. Creating controllers for the head, neck, and posing. Going over facial antomy and the node editor.

Module 5: Arms Rig
92 minutes

In this sprint, Jose will be going over anatomy of the arms. Creating a stretching component for the controls of the arms. Using coding blending chains.

Module 6: Hands Rig
105 minutes

In this sprint, Jose creates controls for the hand. Adding proper IK and FK components to allow the hands to have flexible mobility.

Module 7: Legs Rig
110 Minutes

In this sprint, Jose demonstrates how to verify the axis and proportions of your joints are correct. Anatomy overview of the legs. Creating the controllers for the legs.

Module 8: Twist Setup
120 minutes

In this sprint, Jose creates a twist setup for the arms and legs after the puppet is completed. Allowing for full range of motion for the shoulders and hip when the arms are animated.

Modules 9-10: Skinning
290 minutes

Just like it says, this sprint is all about skinning and giving life to your rig. Assembling all the pieces to finalize your rig.

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MEGA and Google Drive Links available

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